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Elsabe Rheeder


Elsabe has been in a financial environment for more than 30 years and has a long lasting love affair with numbers.

She was born in Pretoria, and stayed there ever since. For her there is only one town and that is “P” town.  Her sense of humour allows her to stand out from the FlyJetstream team.

She is an on the go person who has an eye for detail and nothing escapes her eagle eye.  She is the person in the company that keeps the rest of the team in check, all financial transactions go through her and you will usually find her, elbow deep in an excel spreadsheet or Pastel.

You can quickly get in to her bad books if you dare to not timeously submit your petty cash slips.

She has 4 grandchildren who give her huge amounts of joy; they claim she is the best and coolest grandmother ever.  She likes to rearrange furniture in her home and we are not surprise to arrive at work and discover she has changed her whole office around.

She is a keen crafter and loves to spoil her family with creative desserts.