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Our team has an uncompromising commitment to safety and we hold the highest certifications from all of the relevant aviation authorities, and we are committed to unparalleled service excellence, but at competitive pricing.

Erik Kraaij

Erik Kraaij (DJF) was trained as a Chef in the Carlton Hotel during the 1980′s. He has initially been involved in the business sector as a Hotelier, Bottle Store owner and Restaurateur. During the late 90′s he secured the rights of a King Pie franchise the Northern Natal area where after he opened 10 successful outlets in a period of two years. He was then approached by the franchisor at King Pie Head Office after which he moved to join as a shareholder and Operations Director of the King Pie Franchise Group in Pretoria. The King Pie Group was then sold to Rebhold, which later merged with the Mvelaphanda group. Erik remained as Managing Director of King Pie for several years after which he moved to Royal Sechaba, also a company owned by Mvelaphanda group, at which he held the position of Strategic Investment Director responsible for various large companies owned by Royal Sechaba.Erik has always had a passion for flying and he started his first pilot’s license as a Micro light pilot’s license in 2000, where after he progressed to fixed wing aircraft. During this time he purchased his first aircraft and started a charter business with Hennie Coetzee in 2004. Erik joined forces with Hennie on a full time basis during 2007.

Henk Kraaij

Henk Kraaij grew up in Pretoria where he attended Menlo Park Primary School where he became the head boy and in his matric year of 2005 he became the deputy head boy of Menlo Park High School. During his schooling years Henk was actively involved in various sport and culture activities of the school. It was during his standard eight year at school that Henk started with Sky Riders’ Flight School as a student to obtain his Microlight Pilot’s Licence which he achieved in 2004. He enrolled with the University of Pretoria on completion of his matric and studied to finally obtain his degree in Financial Management. In 2006 he completed his microlight instructor’s licence and commenced giving microlight lessons daily from early morning until his classes at university started around nine every morning. Also during this time he bought his first microlight. Whilst in his first year at university Henk enrolled as a student pilot at Blue Chip Flight School to obtain his Private Pilot’s Licence which he managed to complete in less than three months. On completion of his degree at the end of 2009, he decided to join FlyJetstream Aviation where he manages the fleet of over 20 aircraft ensuring that the company’s aircraft documents are in order. When the opportunity presented itself to secure shares in Blue Chip Flight School, Henk purchased shares in the school. Presently he is involved on a full time basis at Blue Chip Flight School maximising on the experience and knowledge he obtained over the past four years. Henk’s passion is to grow the school to be one of the most sought after aviation training schools, where safety will never be compromised.

Marius Bergh

Marius Bergh has been in the Aviation industry since 2013. After completing his studies at the NWU-Potchefstroom he joined the FlyJetstream team. He is currently the               General Manager & Marketing for the company. Marius takes control of the larger flights as he has done numerous Boeing 747 flights into Africa and also all the flights related to Dangerous Goods. He has a passion for business and hope to make a success of his aviation career.

Brendon Lubbe

Brendon Lubbe has been professionally flying since he obtained Commercial Pilots License in 2001. He has been enjoying in the Aviation Industry with positions that range from Aviation. Having a passion for aviation since a young age he now finds himself as our Chief Pilot with ATPL and Safety officer at FlyJetstream Aviation. Also currently the Chief Flight Instructor at Blue Chip Flight School he brings lots of knowledge and wisdom to the companies. Brendon has more than 3000 hours total time with fast knowledge of Aviation law FlyJetstream is very blessed to have a dedicated Aviator such as Brendon.

Elsabe Rheeder

Elsabe has been working for FlyJetstream Aviation since 2010. Elsabe has got exceptional experience in the accounting field. Elsabe is a real asset to FlyJetstream Aviation and puts dedication into her work at all times.

Bianca Vorster

Bianca Vorster has been with FlyJetstream Avaition since 2015. She achieved her Private Pilot’s License in 2015 through our sister company Blue Chip Flight School. Bianca has been in the aviation industry since 2011. She is currently running the Operations of all the charter flight and her passion for aviation lets her excel in all aspects of her work.

Monique Schoeman

Monique Schoeman is the most recent member of the FlyJetstream team, as she has only joined us in 2016. Monique obtained her Private Pilot’s Licence in 2015. She is currently busy with building hours for her Commercial Pilot’s Licence. As operations administrator, Monique is responsible for all quotations for your next charter flight experience.