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Rather Charter…

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Trust us with your cargo!

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Flyjetstream Aviation is the name you can trust when it comes to cargo. Since it inception in 1996, Flyjetstream has always prided itself in providing customers with every cargo solution they might require. Flyjetstream is always ready to cater for their clients every cargo need. We go the extra mile. FlyJetstream have their dangerous goods

The world of celebrities and private air travel When it comes to arriving in style the celebrities certainly know how to do it. Instead of owning a Lamborghini or hiring a private chauffeur, celebrities now need a new way to announce their entrance. What better way to do that then to own their own fleet

The myths of chartering a Private Airplane People always have something to say when it comes to chartering a private airplane. Someone you know either read it somewhere on the web or heard it from a friend. Lets take a look at some of the myths and misconceptions about private charter planes. Flying Private is

Private Charter Flights vs Commercial Air Travel Have you ever wondered why people choose private charter flights above commercial air travel? There is one major reason why businesses choose private air travel and that is time. The ability to jump on a last-minute flight is a necessity for many business executives. Whether you need to

Plans to expand your global footprint further into Africa with a specific focus on Angola? Business in Africa is booming so why not charter to Angola to grow your footprint in Africa? Said to have one of the fastest growing economies in the world, charter a private flight to Angola with FlyJetstream for a dynamic

Why would you want to follow the road less travelled if you can create your own travel route with a private jet charter? As once said by Ibn Battuta: “travelling leaves you speechless; and then it turns you into a storyteller.” Now imagine the kind of stories you’d be able to tell if you designed

Regardless of whether you wish to get to the beach, boardroom or bush, private air flights open up a world of remote locations for both business and pleasure; which commercial airlines very well do not cater for. But not only will private charter airlines basically get you anywhere, they will also get you there as

Flexibility In The Air

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Flexibility, efficiency and comfort are some of the top reasons why modern leisure and business travellers opt to fly with a private aircraft charter company. Furthermore, critical factors like economy and time-efficiency also come into play, in the following scenarios: Travelling to destinations that are not frequented by commercial airlines; Transporting groups of executives that

That very first moment that you experience the pleasure of travelling to your destination via a charter private plane, will be the moment you realise that it is the only way to fly. We explore some of the main reasons why discerning business and leisure travellers are increasingly opting to make use of private charter